For a more connected world

In the human body, nerves and blood vessels connect organs and tissues, providing vital oxygen and nutrients needed for proper functioning of our body; so the cables, provide the energy and the information from which depends the modern society in everyday life.
In the present, as in the future, we aim to act as a bridge to the development and growth of the community through the use of our cables, with a simple, efficient, effective and sustainable offer, for a more connected world.

Special cables for special clients

We offer cables for a wide variety of applications fields: from data transmission cables to the audio-video cables, from cables for mobile applications to cable for civil and industrial uses. We don’t want to limit ourselves to be a good provider but we aim to be an excellent partner: for this reason, hoping for a common growth we aim for the full satisfaction of our clients through the quality and reliability of our products, empathy with the our staff and excellent service before and after sales.

Why choose us?

To produce our cables, we select the best raw materials, in order to offer to our clients high quality products, without surprises. Our machinery and equipment are constantly updated to keep up with the incessant technological innovations.
The cables are constantly monitored throughout the various phases of the productions carried out by a highly qualified team of researchers, following the most recent Italian regulations, both of the single community and worldwide regulations.

Ethics, Integrity and Trasparency

We adopt the highest ethical standards in all our processes. We work hard to promote and support honest and transparent behavior: what we are is what you see from everything we do.

Where we are already been chosen

Our long experience has led us to create over time a network of relationships that involves people and cultures, strong bonds based on mutual trust, which enable our commercial dynamism to express themselves fully.
Thousands of companies in more than 30 countries around the world have already chosen the “Specialcavi Baldassari” cables: whatever their business is, whatever they are concerned with our task is to serve them always better and better, meeting their expectations and satisfying their needs.

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